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I sometimes think I could live on a steady diet of seafood. Mmm! Just looking at the pictures of these delish dishes revs my taste buds into high gear. You don’t have to visit expensive seafood restaurants to enjoy your favourite surf fare. Easy recipes abound at styleathome.com. Check them out here.

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I love beautiful wood floors in dark, rich tones. The older, the better. They can evoke a feeling of nostalgia and hold a history of homeowners past. But sometimes, even the most beautiful of floors need a rug to serve any number of purposes; delineating separate spaces, adding warmth underfoot or simply adding a burst of colour and personality to a conservative space. I love these contemporary patterns from Angela Adams. They’re bold but not brash and can add a touch of whimsy to a living room or bedroom. They’re 152×243 in size. Need help searching for the perfect rug? Check out styleathome.com’s area rug buying guide.

Available at: Home Depot
Price: Ranges from $349 to $599

For more great designs from Angela Adams, check out angelaadams.com.

Plus, check out more flooring options. For style, pricing and availability in Canada, your top eco-chic flooring choices are bamboo, linoleum, cork and reclaimed hardwood. Read the story.

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It’s not so much that there’s a right way and a wrong way to fold towels – it’s more a case of … well, folding your towels a certain way can give them a fluffy, spa-look. Want to learn how? Check out the latest video on styleathome.com – all about, yep, you guessed it, how to fold your bath towels.

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Houseguests often get a bad rap. It’s not easy being one. While visiting friends and family can be wonderful and oftentimes, these visits are long overdue … staying over one or two nights might just remind you why you don’t do it more often. It can just be plain difficult to adapt to someone else’s life at home. But if you are going to be a houseguest for a night or two, start things off right from the moment you step foot inside the house you’ll be calling home for a little while. Show up bearing gifts. Bribe your host or hostess with something that’s sure to delight. Pictured left to right: Happy Hour Carafe and Glasses ($32), Towering Espresso Set ($32) and Weighted Sphere Vase ($72), all from violet.com.

Find out how to welcome guests in style and how to create gorgeous guest rooms.

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I love sending out handwritten notes and cards. I love the whole process of it. I love carefully choosing a card or a piece of pretty paper. I love sharing a few personal words. I love signing off with a flourish, putting to paper the curves and curls of my name, perfected years ago as I sat doodling in one math class or another. But these days, we email. We text message. We Facebook and we MySpace, we instant message and we BlackBerry. We call from landlines, cordless phones and cells. But rarely do we ever take the time to put pen to paper it seems. And with such beautifully designed stationery, it’s really quite a shame. So think about it – pop a note in the mail. These cards pictured above are like a little piece of art that anyone would be thrilled to receive in the mail. Check out fabulousstationery.com for tons more designs.

Plus, take a look at these beautiful stationery options. You’re going to want to write a letter now. Do it.

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Decorate your table with candy-coloured crockery. These contemporary pieces are from Boston-based lekkerhome.com but can be shipped to Canada; don’t you just love the Internet? The bowls are handcrafted in Vietnam in fair-trade communities and are made from bamboo. Now this is eco-chic. And they’re affordable, too!

Available at: lekkerhome.com
Price: $16 each

Learn how to set a fun and colourful lunch table, perfect for chasing away those winter blahs!

Get more great decorating ideas at styleathome.com.

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Someone told me today that her favourite home decor find is pretty toss cushions. I agree. Pretty pillows and chic cushions in extravagant fabrics just emanate luxury. Throw pillows on a sofa beckon you to join them, luxuriate in them, lounge a little longer. While the pillow pictured here may not exactly be for napping, it’s got such style and whimsy that I just love it! The colourful, bright buttons on a crisp white linen cover are playful and will add a decorative touch to a bed or divan.

Available at: Pottery Barn
Price: $39

Check out more pretty pillows here. Plus, check out an easy project for making your own silk sofa pillow.

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