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jetaimeDid you ever read Jane magazine? I went through a period in the late ‘90s when I was positively obsessed with both the magazine and the forums on their website. Anyway, I loved the brand and their very real approach to love, life and everything in between. Sadly, the magazine and website are no more but I’ve just learned that the former founding art director of the magazine has just launched bestowboutique.com, a fab new online shop where you’ll find chic stuff for the house along with unique gift ideas. My fave item? This Jan Constantine wool felt pillow. You don’t need to wait for Valentine’s Day to give or get one of these. Decorating your home with amour is stylish any time of year!

Available at: bestowboutique.com
Price: $120


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cupcake-panOne of the great things about Facebook, besides reconnecting with long lost friends (and maybe a few you’d rather have remained estranged from), is being able to check out your friends’ latest and greatest pictures. Thanks to Facebook, I’m able to stay in touch with friends in a way that we just didn’t seem to have time for before the rise of social networking. I can get instant updates on their travel plans, see every angle of their newborn’s smile and check out what they were up to on the weekend. It’s great fun and while nothing replaces the necessity of face-to-face contact over drinks, it’s a pretty decent alternative when you’re busy. Anyhow … all of this is by way of explanation for how I stumbled upon this fab new find! Whilst snooping, I mean … casually perusing a friend’s photos of a baby shower she’d recently attended, I spied the loveliest, cupcake-shaped cake adorning the buffet table. Love at first sight! Where, oh where did she get the pan to make this, I wondered? But I wondered only momentarily because, in perfect Facebook fashion, everything I needed to know was right there in the comments section with a list of retailers for curious gals like myself. So I hunted it down at Williams-Sonoma and now I’m sharing it with you. Drum roll, please! I give you … The Great Cupcake Pan!

Available at: Williams-Sonoma
Price: $36

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pink-rosesFill your home with the fragrant aroma of roses. This limited edition Pink Roses candle from Diptyque is the perfect way to help you wish away winter. Yes, I’m still on that kick. I love winter around Christmastime but come January 1, I have no use for it. (It’s minus 21 degrees Celsius today … ) So I’m constantly sniffing out ways to make this tough season more tolerable. I don’t know about you but I like to nest in the winter months and making my home comfy and cozy is one way to survive when the weather outside is frightful. Luxurious bedding, fresh flowers, oversized mugs filled with steaming drinks, good books; these are the simple things that make me smile at home. Top it all off with a lovely fragrance filling the air and there’s a recipe for pure calm. So try a scented candle, one that evokes happy memories and dreams of spring. It’s just around the corner. We’re going to make it after all!

diptyque’s limited edition candle, Pink Roses, $68
Available at the Diptyque store in San Francisco and other stores such as Aedes, Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman & Saks in the  United-States, Noor in Toronto and Ogilvy in Montreal.

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simple-humanEvery now and then, you find a product that you never knew you needed. And then suddenly, there it is, in all its glory and you wonder how you ever lived without it. That’s sort of how I feel about Simple Human’s sensor soap pump. We’ve all used sensor pumps in public washrooms but it never occurred to me how brilliant it would be to have one at home. Well, now that I’ve used this, I realize just how great it is. Particularly in the kitchen, this soap pump makes a lot of sense. Let’s say you’re working with raw meat and you need to wash up frequently. With this pump, you don’t need to touch a soap dispenser with your contaminated hands. Just place your hand underneath the sensor and voila! Just enough soap comes out for you to wash up. So simple, so smart.

Available at: Home Outfitters or visit simplehuman.com for more information
Price: $49.99

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pintuckIt’s a wet, cold, dreary day in Toronto today. It’s the perfect day to dive under the blankets with a good book and to keep a steaming hot cup of tea bedside. West Elm’s organic cotton pin-tuck duvet cover is the perfect attire for a cozy bed. I love this look; the multiple pintucks add such a pretty detail to this simple cotton duvet cover and add a burst of visual interest for the entire room. The cotton is certified organic, grown and processed without the use of herbicides or pesticides. This 230-thread count combed cotton cover will add instant style to any bedroom. Available in three gorgeous neutrals (sea spray, clay and natural), they’re easy to add to your existing decor. And priced from $79USD to $119USD, you might just want to pick up more than one!

Available at: West Elm
Price: $79USD to $119USD

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senaMy friend and colleague Lauren McPhillips is always writing about awesome new tech toys and gadgets in her blog Tech Style. Have you checked it out? Trust me: Whether you’re a true technophile or a Luddite who’s contemplating conversion, you’re bound to find cool new products to drool over on Lauren’s blog so check it out! Anyhow, reading her blog got me thinking about my latest toy – my 2G iPod Touch. I love it. And just as the commercials say, it’s the funnest toy I’ve ever had! It’s sleek and slick and feels so good in my hands. Problem is, it needs to be protected to keep it shiny and scratch-free. I had initially bought a hard plastic case with a protective screen but within a handful of days, the protective screen was so badly scratched, it made my iPod Touch look terrible. And so I searched and searched until I finally found the perfect case. This case, pictured here, from Sena Store, is exactly what I was looking for. It has an ultra-slim design, is made from European Napa leather and has a luxurious velvet lining to protect the face of your iPod. They come in a variety of colours (I love the white!) and the best part is the price – they’re only $29.99! There are lots of cases out there for the iPhone but if you have an iPod Touch, the options are considerably more limited. So I was very excited to find this case. I also love the fact that it’s a pouch meaning that when I throw it into my purse, it’s completely protected, but when I want to use it, I am able to interact with the screen directly as opposed to through a plastic face protector. Part of the beauty and appeal of these Apple products is being able to touch them and this case allows you to do just that!

Sena store offers cases for all your favourite toys – laptops, phones, cameras, MP3 players and more. Check it out!

Available at: Sena Store
Price: $29.99

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