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lucyinaLucyina Moodie is a UK-based stylist and interior designer whose eye for style is (IMHO) nothing short of pure perfection! I just love the antique chic look of the spaces she designs and her use of pretty pastels that soothe and calm. Since she hails from across the pond, it’s unlikely that us Canucks will really be able to call on her services but the photos are certainly a source of inspiration. There’s a simple charm in these designs, a look that heralds an era long gone. Her style makes me think of a simpler time and reminds me to celebrate the important things in life.
For more information, visit: lucyina.com

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One of the quickest, most inexpensive ways to update your bathroom is to change the shower curtain. With so many designs out there to choose from, you can give your bathroom a whole new look in mere minutes. Here are a few I like:

shower-curtains1 Caribbean fish

2 Garden blossom

3 Monterey shower curtain

4 Dots fabric

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enviable-designsI’m one of those lucky people whose job it is to look at and write about pretty things all day long. Along my cyber travels, I find fab new products, beautiful photos and today, I’ve discovered a handful of interior designers, whose work is lovely and inspirational. Case in point: Enviable Designs is Victoria McKenney’s Vancouver-based interior design firm. With a tagline of “comfortable sophistication”, her work seems to accomplish this effortlessly. I love these photos of some of her projects; there’s a richness and elegance to these spaces yet the rooms still look easy to live in. Victoria’s bio says that her “personal style is an effortless blend of European classic with hints of modern and twists of traditional.” Love it!

For more information, visit Enviable Designs.
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simple-humanEvery now and then, you find a product that you never knew you needed. And then suddenly, there it is, in all its glory and you wonder how you ever lived without it. That’s sort of how I feel about Simple Human’s sensor soap pump. We’ve all used sensor pumps in public washrooms but it never occurred to me how brilliant it would be to have one at home. Well, now that I’ve used this, I realize just how great it is. Particularly in the kitchen, this soap pump makes a lot of sense. Let’s say you’re working with raw meat and you need to wash up frequently. With this pump, you don’t need to touch a soap dispenser with your contaminated hands. Just place your hand underneath the sensor and voila! Just enough soap comes out for you to wash up. So simple, so smart.

Available at: Home Outfitters or visit simplehuman.com for more information
Price: $49.99

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I recently had the opportunity to visit India. Have you ever been? To say it was a life-changing experience would be an understatement. India, as its tourism slogan states, is incredible.

But my journey there first involved a stop in Belgium and after the unexpected and devastating terror attacks in Mumbai, I went on to Shanghai. Over the next few days, I’m going to share some of the experience with you, and in keeping with the theme of this blog, showcase some of the beautiful hotels I stayed at along the way. If you, like me, love beautifully designed hotels, check out our Hotel Style section for ideas and inspiration.

jet-airways-seatThe entire trip, I flew business class on Jet Airways. Wow! I had never experienced anything like this before. Jet Airways’ business class service is so deluxe, it makes a 12-hour flight seem too short! Check out the seats, pictured left. Each seat is private and features a television screen and lots of room for you to get comfortable. The best part is that the seats turn into completely lie-flat beds. This was a first for me and was an unforgettable experience. The flight attendants were the friendliest and most attentive I’d ever encountered and I know I’ll be flying with Jet Airways again. They made the experience very, very special.

OK, so my first stop was Belgium. I stayed at The Dominican, a luxury hotel in the heart of Brussels, just steps away from the Grand Place and a short walk from the Brussels Central Railway Station. The rooms here, as you can see from the photos, are luxe and decadent, the perfect place to relax after a long flight. There are 150 guestrooms and suites here and the contemporary design is rich and luxurious. It’s a beautiful marriage of old-world Europe and modern design. Intimate and elegant, this hotel was a real treat!

dominican-bathroomThe bathroom was possibly my favourite part! The weather was very cold while I was visiting (lots of rain,  sleet and snow!) and I looked forward to long hot showers to warm up! Marble and stone in muted shades of black, brown and grey, complement each other wonderfully in this space and create a calming, zen-like environment.

Rue Léopold / Leopoldstraat 9
1000, Brussels, Belgium

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It’s not so much that there’s a right way and a wrong way to fold towels – it’s more a case of … well, folding your towels a certain way can give them a fluffy, spa-look. Want to learn how? Check out the latest video on styleathome.com – all about, yep, you guessed it, how to fold your bath towels.

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