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lucyinaLucyina Moodie is a UK-based stylist and interior designer whose eye for style is (IMHO) nothing short of pure perfection! I just love the antique chic look of the spaces she designs and her use of pretty pastels that soothe and calm. Since she hails from across the pond, it’s unlikely that us Canucks will really be able to call on her services but the photos are certainly a source of inspiration. There’s a simple charm in these designs, a look that heralds an era long gone. Her style makes me think of a simpler time and reminds me to celebrate the important things in life.
For more information, visit: lucyina.com

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dyson_animal2Back in August, I got a cat. I love cats and had one (three actually, at one point) for years while I was in university and in the years after that. I won’t bore you with the details concerning why I no longer had a cat (don’t worry; no animals were harmed in the story) but let’s just fast forward to the summer, when I got a new one. He’s the cutest little guy you’ve ever seen. Incredibly obedient and when he looks at me, I melt. He’s got the sweetest little face and he just loves to cuddle. All sounds great, right? Well, it was until I discovered that the cuddly little creature sheds like a … well, whatever sheds a lot. Seriously, it’s nearly impossible to stay on top of the cleaning because he sheds so much. My once spotless condo is often covered in a thin layer of fur despite my most diligent efforts. Enter The Animal! The Dyson DC16 Animal is the answer to all my cleaning needs. This thing is a lifesaver and has restored my furniture back to its pre-cat glory. I was amazed by the suction power and by how thoroughly it sucked up pet hair that had gotten trapped in the fibres of my couch. I’d tried other handhelds before, lint brushes, those sticky roll-y brushes, even tried cleaning it by hand but nothing produced such staggering results – and that’s not even mentioning how quick and effortless it is to use The Animal. It takes three hours of charging to give you six minutes of use, which I initially thought was nuts – but since it’s a handheld, you probably wouldn’t use it for much longer than that in one go anyway. It hasn’t turned out to be a problem for me and for this kind of suction power, trust me —  it’s worth the wait!

Interested in winning one of these beautiful beasts? Enter the Dyson Next Top Animal contest for your chance to win great Dyson products, plus cool stuff from Pedigree, Whiskas and Bark & Fitz.

Price: $229.99

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jetaimeDid you ever read Jane magazine? I went through a period in the late ‘90s when I was positively obsessed with both the magazine and the forums on their website. Anyway, I loved the brand and their very real approach to love, life and everything in between. Sadly, the magazine and website are no more but I’ve just learned that the former founding art director of the magazine has just launched bestowboutique.com, a fab new online shop where you’ll find chic stuff for the house along with unique gift ideas. My fave item? This Jan Constantine wool felt pillow. You don’t need to wait for Valentine’s Day to give or get one of these. Decorating your home with amour is stylish any time of year!

Available at: bestowboutique.com
Price: $120

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cupcake-panOne of the great things about Facebook, besides reconnecting with long lost friends (and maybe a few you’d rather have remained estranged from), is being able to check out your friends’ latest and greatest pictures. Thanks to Facebook, I’m able to stay in touch with friends in a way that we just didn’t seem to have time for before the rise of social networking. I can get instant updates on their travel plans, see every angle of their newborn’s smile and check out what they were up to on the weekend. It’s great fun and while nothing replaces the necessity of face-to-face contact over drinks, it’s a pretty decent alternative when you’re busy. Anyhow … all of this is by way of explanation for how I stumbled upon this fab new find! Whilst snooping, I mean … casually perusing a friend’s photos of a baby shower she’d recently attended, I spied the loveliest, cupcake-shaped cake adorning the buffet table. Love at first sight! Where, oh where did she get the pan to make this, I wondered? But I wondered only momentarily because, in perfect Facebook fashion, everything I needed to know was right there in the comments section with a list of retailers for curious gals like myself. So I hunted it down at Williams-Sonoma and now I’m sharing it with you. Drum roll, please! I give you … The Great Cupcake Pan!

Available at: Williams-Sonoma
Price: $36

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It’s been a few days but … back to my Indian adventure! After leaving the jungle, I was off to Mumbai, where I stayed at the Grand Hyatt, Mumbai. This five-star luxury hotel was imposing and impressive, from the moment I stepped foot inside. I was pretty hungry on arrival and was thrilled to see the dining options, of which there were plenty. Dinner at the Italian restaurant Celini was delicious – I had a mouthwatering ossu bucco (I’d had my fill of curry and needed a change!). China House serves a menu of typically Chinese cuisine and M is a grill and martini bar. Of course, there’s an Indian restaurant, too; Soma dishes up authentic regional and tandoor-grilled cuisine.

mumbai-grand-hyattThe rooms are bright and tranquil and feel strangely out-of-place amidst the chaos of Mumbai that resides right outside the hotel grounds. But it’s a welcome respite and a wonderful place to rest and relax after wandering the streets of one of the world’s most intriguing cities. Pictured here is the Grand King room, with floor-to-ceiling windows (you can have a courtyard or city view) and the minimalist, modern decor is totally Zen. Crisp, white linens, golden Jaisalmer stone (an Indian sandstone) and light sycamore wood paneling give the 40-square-meter interior a spacious and airy feeling and ensure a good night’s sleep. Sweet dreams!

Click here for more information on the Grand Hyatt, Mumbai.

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While I haven’t had the courage yet to wallpaper a room in my home, I’m definitely thinking about it. I love the idea of wallpapering one feature wall with something bold and dramatic but I just haven’t gotten around to it. But as I research my options, I’m finding more and more beautiful designs and now the problem isn’t so much whether to wallpaper as it is which design to choose. I recently discovered a great line of wallpaper products available at Home Depot. They’re from The Wallpaper Company and the designs are beautiful. Pictured left is a sample from the Jewel Tone collection and pictured right is a sample from the Mystic Purple collection. On the Home Depot site, you can choose a sample room (including living room, kitchen and bathroom) and then select from a wide assortment of papers, to see how they will look. It’s fun to browse through the options and I’m sure you’ll be inspired!

Before you get started, check out Style at Home’s tips for hanging wallpaper and check out other ways to dress your walls in style.

Visit us at the Style at Home Show, Oct. 17 to 19, at the Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Place, Toronto. Go to styleathomeshow.com for more information and to order tickets.

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British fashion designer Julien Macdonald may be most famous for his work with Chanel and Givenchy but his eye for design obviously wanders from fashion to home decor with ease. I just love these wallpaper designs of his. Pictured left is Ornate in black and blue and features a gorgeous and intricate baroque-inspired design. I love the drama. Pictured right is Glamorous in black and pink and, well, I think the name says it all.

“This has been an inspiring, refreshing challenge, and I’m delighted with the collection” says Julien Macdonald about his first ever wallpaper collection. “The designs are a true reflection of the influences I experience through travel and my work as a fashion designer. Seeing my signature style of glamour and elegance translated onto wallpaper is an achievement I’m very proud of.”

We love it too, Julien. And if I can’t wrap my body in your clothes, at least I can wrap my walls in your paper.

Available online at: grahambrown.com
Price: $60/double roll

Click here for tips on hanging wallpaper with ease.

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