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dyson_animal2Back in August, I got a cat. I love cats and had one (three actually, at one point) for years while I was in university and in the years after that. I won’t bore you with the details concerning why I no longer had a cat (don’t worry; no animals were harmed in the story) but let’s just fast forward to the summer, when I got a new one. He’s the cutest little guy you’ve ever seen. Incredibly obedient and when he looks at me, I melt. He’s got the sweetest little face and he just loves to cuddle. All sounds great, right? Well, it was until I discovered that the cuddly little creature sheds like a … well, whatever sheds a lot. Seriously, it’s nearly impossible to stay on top of the cleaning because he sheds so much. My once spotless condo is often covered in a thin layer of fur despite my most diligent efforts. Enter The Animal! The Dyson DC16 Animal is the answer to all my cleaning needs. This thing is a lifesaver and has restored my furniture back to its pre-cat glory. I was amazed by the suction power and by how thoroughly it sucked up pet hair that had gotten trapped in the fibres of my couch. I’d tried other handhelds before, lint brushes, those sticky roll-y brushes, even tried cleaning it by hand but nothing produced such staggering results – and that’s not even mentioning how quick and effortless it is to use The Animal. It takes three hours of charging to give you six minutes of use, which I initially thought was nuts – but since it’s a handheld, you probably wouldn’t use it for much longer than that in one go anyway. It hasn’t turned out to be a problem for me and for this kind of suction power, trust me —  it’s worth the wait!

Interested in winning one of these beautiful beasts? Enter the Dyson Next Top Animal contest for your chance to win great Dyson products, plus cool stuff from Pedigree, Whiskas and Bark & Fitz.

Price: $229.99


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As I mentioned yesterday, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (CBCF) has partnered with a variety of companies to raise funds for breast cancer research. Dyson is one of those companies and to support the cause, they have launched two limited edition pink vacuums; an upright (pictured left) and a canister vacuum (pictured right). While Dyson vacuums are known for their superior quality and easy handling, these two special designs are a wonderful way to support the CBCF’s efforts and bring home a vacuum that’s the perfect marriage of form and function.

DC07 Upright: $499.99
DC21 Canister: $599.99

Available: while supplies last at The Bay, Home Outfitters, Future Shop, Best Buy, The Brick, Bed Bath & Beyond, Sears, Lowes, Home Depot and Dyson authorized independent retailers.

Proceeds from the purchase of these vacuums go towards a minimum donation of $50,000 to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

To find other CBCF partners, click here.

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attitude cleaning productsUsed to be that environmentally friendly products were a scarcity, hard to find and limited in options. These days, it’s easy to do your part. So think about protecting and preserving our planet. This great line includes products for fabric, dishes, hard surfaces and hand soap, too. I love the laundry detergent. Free of petrochemical derivatives, this concentrated laundry formula is hardworking; a one-litre bottle suffices for 35 loads. I love that this product is hypoallergenic, free of phosphates, dyes and artificial fragrances. Scented with essential oils, the laundry detergent comes in  the following fragrances: Lavender & Grapefruit, Bergamot & Tangerine and Ylang-Ylang & Lime.

For more information, visit: cleanattitude.com

Plus, check out great organizing ideas for your laundry room.

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