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logoHi everyone,
Thanks for visiting and for following along with me as I’ve blogged about my favourite things for house and home. Today I wanted to let you know that my blog has moved. If you’d still like to follow along, you can visit me here: Style at Home blog: These are a few of my favourite things.

See you soon!


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I’m feeling a bit green today. Not eco-friendly, do-the-environment-a-spot-of-good green. Just green. Spring arrived somewhat anticlimactically last week and hasn’t been seen since. But inside, I’m ready for it, despite the fact that outwardly, I’m still bundled up in all my winter gear. So until spring decides to come out of hiding, I’m going to think green. It’s such a bright, cheerful colour, one that evokes feelings of life and rebirth, rejuvenation and new beginnings. Here are a few things to help add a dash of green to your home:


Hariette chair
Available at: Garnet Hill
Price: $1,550 – $1,680

2 Pine Cone Hill lattice citrus window panel
Available at: Layla Grace
Price: $64

3 Soho Apartment dessert plates and mugs
Available at: Rosanna Inc.

Price: See website for details

4 Martha Stewart Collection green colander
Available at: Macy’s
Price: $19.99

5 Jamie Oliver lime green pitcher
Available at: Sears
Price: $22.99

6 Tonal stripe organic duvet cover and sham
Available at: Pottery Barn
Price: $23 – $135

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One of the quickest, most inexpensive ways to update your bathroom is to change the shower curtain. With so many designs out there to choose from, you can give your bathroom a whole new look in mere minutes. Here are a few I like:

shower-curtains1 Caribbean fish

2 Garden blossom

3 Monterey shower curtain

4 Dots fabric

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I’m still scouring the web for designers whose work I love and for fab pictures to share with you. Up today: Dvira Ink. You may know the Toronto-based designer Dvira Ovadia from the Global television show From the Ground Up with Debbie Travis. Dvira won the show in 2007, earning her the title of chief designer for Debbie Travis. In this role, Dvira worked with Debbie Travis to design 10 model homes for Tribute Communities. Here are a few pictures that illustrate her elegant contemporary style. For more information, visit: Dvira Ink.


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les-indiennesLove, love, love these Indian-inspired fabrics. I just stumbled upon this site and fell in love with the simplified take on intricate Indian design. Here’s a bit about the Tucson-based company Les Indiennes:

“When Mary Mulcahy first developed an interest in Indian textiles, she just wanted fabrics that were as she envisioned them- fresh and simple, authentically Indian yet pleasing to the Western eye.

What were once complex traditional designs with multiple colors, she transformed by extracting and simplifying particular motifs, reducing them to a single color, and elegantly spacing them on a creamy white background. The fabric was so wonderful that Les Indiennes came into being.

We are particularly proud of the fact that Les Indiennes never set out to industrialize or to change the way things are done in India. The production of our fabric does not cause pollution nor does it disrupt the traditional lifestyle of the village where it is made. Les Indiennes provides fair trade employment for over 50 families, raising the standard of living for the entire community, and all the while leaving no environmental or social footprint.”

For more, visit: Les Indiennes

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eileen-fisherOne of my biggest pet peeves has to be finding something I love online and then discovering that the U.S. retailer doesn’t ship to Canada. I just don’t understand how cross-border shipping can still be such a problem. Regardless, I love cyber-shopping and getting inspiration from photos, even if I can’t purchase the product. This bedding from Eileen Fisher is just stunning. I adore the muted colour palette and the hand-tufted pure silk comforter.

More about bedding:
10 beautiful bedding picks

Buying guide: Pillows, sheets and duvets
How to: Make a bed

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pink-rosesFill your home with the fragrant aroma of roses. This limited edition Pink Roses candle from Diptyque is the perfect way to help you wish away winter. Yes, I’m still on that kick. I love winter around Christmastime but come January 1, I have no use for it. (It’s minus 21 degrees Celsius today … ) So I’m constantly sniffing out ways to make this tough season more tolerable. I don’t know about you but I like to nest in the winter months and making my home comfy and cozy is one way to survive when the weather outside is frightful. Luxurious bedding, fresh flowers, oversized mugs filled with steaming drinks, good books; these are the simple things that make me smile at home. Top it all off with a lovely fragrance filling the air and there’s a recipe for pure calm. So try a scented candle, one that evokes happy memories and dreams of spring. It’s just around the corner. We’re going to make it after all!

diptyque’s limited edition candle, Pink Roses, $68
Available at the Diptyque store in San Francisco and other stores such as Aedes, Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman & Saks in the  United-States, Noor in Toronto and Ogilvy in Montreal.

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