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I sometimes think I could live on a steady diet of seafood. Mmm! Just looking at the pictures of these delish dishes revs my taste buds into high gear. You don’t have to visit expensive seafood restaurants to enjoy your favourite surf fare. Easy recipes abound at styleathome.com. Check them out here.

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Who doesn’t have a little bit of a crush on Nigella Lawson? I mean, it’s kind of hard not to. That long, dark hair. That cute accent. Oh, and the way she’s made domestic tasks appealing, tempting almost. Yes, I guess you could say that Nigella’s brought sexy back … into the kitchen.

She’s a busy girl, that Nigella. She’s launched various television shows, her own cookware collection and a growing assortment of highly popular cookbooks, all the while being mother to her two children. Her most recent book, Nigella Express (Knopf Canada, 2007, $50) is about cooking good food fast. “I call it real food,” she explains. “Not fast food. It’s not a book about showing you fast ways to cook foods that actually should be slow cooked. It’s a book that shows you how to cook flavourful, interesting meals in a pinch – with step-by-step instructions to make it easier.”

Interested in learning a little bit more? Styleathome.com got the chance to catch up with the queen of quick cuisine, recently. Check out the full interview here:

Celebrity chef: Nigella Lawson
Nigella Lawson, the queen of quick cuisine, dishes on entertaining a crowd.

PLUS, click here for your chance to win a copy of Nigella Express from styleathome.com! We’ve got five copies to give away.

Or, click here to buy the book.

Want more great recipes? Check out styleathome.com’s collection of easy and elegant recipes for everything from everyday cooking to posh party food.

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Hi everyone! I’m back. Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and that 2008 has gotten off to a smashing start.

I don’t know about you, but I could really do without January. I hate when the holidays are over, when the Christmas tree has to come down and that festive feeling just seems to dissipate. I find January, February and March tough months to get through. So I think it’s important to find ways to make these three long winter months bearable. Focusing on house and home is one way. And spending time with friends, another. Just because the busiest entertaining season is behind us doesn’t mean that you can’t still throw open the doors of your home to friends and family and play host to your nearest and dearest. In fact, entertaining during these frosty months is a great way to stay in touch and pass long winter nights. On styleathome.com, we’ve got tons of recipes to help you plan an impromptu soiree. And to make your fete extra special, send out personalized invitations to your guests. We’ve got beautifully designed templates (like those pictured above) and you can print off invitations, menus and place cards. So instead of succumbing to the January (and February and March) blahs, keep your home buzzing with the gentle clinking of wine glasses and the soothing sound of laughter coming from your dining room.

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