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cupcake-panOne of the great things about Facebook, besides reconnecting with long lost friends (and maybe a few you’d rather have remained estranged from), is being able to check out your friends’ latest and greatest pictures. Thanks to Facebook, I’m able to stay in touch with friends in a way that we just didn’t seem to have time for before the rise of social networking. I can get instant updates on their travel plans, see every angle of their newborn’s smile and check out what they were up to on the weekend. It’s great fun and while nothing replaces the necessity of face-to-face contact over drinks, it’s a pretty decent alternative when you’re busy. Anyhow … all of this is by way of explanation for how I stumbled upon this fab new find! Whilst snooping, I mean … casually perusing a friend’s photos of a baby shower she’d recently attended, I spied the loveliest, cupcake-shaped cake adorning the buffet table. Love at first sight! Where, oh where did she get the pan to make this, I wondered? But I wondered only momentarily because, in perfect Facebook fashion, everything I needed to know was right there in the comments section with a list of retailers for curious gals like myself. So I hunted it down at Williams-Sonoma and now I’m sharing it with you. Drum roll, please! I give you … The Great Cupcake Pan!

Available at: Williams-Sonoma
Price: $36


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mighty leaf teaNothing says rest and relaxation more to me than cozying up with a hot cup of tea and as the weekend approaches, I welcome the chance to sit down and unwind. Wrapping my hands around a hot cuppa and inhaling the fresh aroma of a perfectly brewed cup of tea seems to melt my stress away. This tea set from Mighty Leaf is a sweet treat for the tea lover and comes with an assortment of tasty teas to try: Breakfast Americana, Organic Earl Grey, Bombay Chai, Orange Dulce and Vanilla Bean. Mmm! I can just feel myself starting relax! Once you’ve got your mug in hand, start a new tradition with styleathome.com’s guide to teatime etiquette, plus find tips for brewing the perfect cup of tea.

Available online at: mightyleaf.ca

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These nifty notecards from Felix Doolittle make me think of the Beatrix Potter books I used to pore over as a child. Not only is the artwork reminiscent of Beatrix’s style but the size and shape of the notecards is just like her books … perfect for small hands. (Does that matter or am I just rambling?) If you’re as fanatical about pretty paper as I am, you’ll surely want to add this find to your list of must-shop stationery stores. The designs come in themed collections, notecards, invitations, memo papers, even baker’s labels. Even though these pretty delights are born and raised in West Newton, Massachusetts, you can shop online and have them shipped to Canada via UPS. We LOVE the Internet!

Available online at: Felix Doolittle

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Hi everyone! I’m back. Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and that 2008 has gotten off to a smashing start.

I don’t know about you, but I could really do without January. I hate when the holidays are over, when the Christmas tree has to come down and that festive feeling just seems to dissipate. I find January, February and March tough months to get through. So I think it’s important to find ways to make these three long winter months bearable. Focusing on house and home is one way. And spending time with friends, another. Just because the busiest entertaining season is behind us doesn’t mean that you can’t still throw open the doors of your home to friends and family and play host to your nearest and dearest. In fact, entertaining during these frosty months is a great way to stay in touch and pass long winter nights. On styleathome.com, we’ve got tons of recipes to help you plan an impromptu soiree. And to make your fete extra special, send out personalized invitations to your guests. We’ve got beautifully designed templates (like those pictured above) and you can print off invitations, menus and place cards. So instead of succumbing to the January (and February and March) blahs, keep your home buzzing with the gentle clinking of wine glasses and the soothing sound of laughter coming from your dining room.

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Only six days left ‘til the big day! Make your holiday table a stunning statement with simple suggestions for bringing simple hits of colour and life to it. Your table will be dressed to impress, just like you and your guests. The beautiful ideas pictured here are excerpted from the new Canadian Living cookbook: The Complete Christmas Book (Random House, 2007). There are wonderful table setting ideas and crafts, plus recipe ideas for treats that taste even better than they look!

Check out Canadian Living’s step-by-step instructions for adding instant glamour to your holiday table.

Plus, try these three recipes for delish holiday goodies:

Candy cane cheesecake

Nut brittle

Chocolate hazelnut tassies

Looking for more entertaining ideas? Check out the Holiday Entertaining Corner at styleathome.com!

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Hungry yet? How beautiful are these designs from The Cupcake Shoppe, based in Toronto? These cupcake creations are so pretty, they look good enough to eat … and luckily, you can do just that! Go ahead, devour a dozen! I won’t breathe a word.

Available at: The Cupcake Shoppe; visit thecupcakeshoppe.ca for more information
Price: depends how hungry you are

Want to make your own cupcakes at home? Try these two recipes from styleathome.com:

Double fudge chocolate cupcakes

Cappuccino cupcakes

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Whether for guests or to enjoy on a frosty evening at home by yourself, these hot drinks are sure to melt away the chill. Personally, I subscribe to the notion of not waiting for guests to impress – life’s too short not to enjoy life’s pleasures, even if on your own! These three hot toddies are simple to make but they look pretty darned impressive. Try ‘em out:

Hazelnut Truffles Cocktail recipe

Hot Cocolat recipe

Cookies ‘n’ Cream Cocktail recipe

Want more? Learn how to present your hot drinks with gorgeous garnishes.

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