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senaMy friend and colleague Lauren McPhillips is always writing about awesome new tech toys and gadgets in her blog Tech Style. Have you checked it out? Trust me: Whether you’re a true technophile or a Luddite who’s contemplating conversion, you’re bound to find cool new products to drool over on Lauren’s blog so check it out! Anyhow, reading her blog got me thinking about my latest toy – my 2G iPod Touch. I love it. And just as the commercials say, it’s the funnest toy I’ve ever had! It’s sleek and slick and feels so good in my hands. Problem is, it needs to be protected to keep it shiny and scratch-free. I had initially bought a hard plastic case with a protective screen but within a handful of days, the protective screen was so badly scratched, it made my iPod Touch look terrible. And so I searched and searched until I finally found the perfect case. This case, pictured here, from Sena Store, is exactly what I was looking for. It has an ultra-slim design, is made from European Napa leather and has a luxurious velvet lining to protect the face of your iPod. They come in a variety of colours (I love the white!) and the best part is the price – they’re only $29.99! There are lots of cases out there for the iPhone but if you have an iPod Touch, the options are considerably more limited. So I was very excited to find this case. I also love the fact that it’s a pouch meaning that when I throw it into my purse, it’s completely protected, but when I want to use it, I am able to interact with the screen directly as opposed to through a plastic face protector. Part of the beauty and appeal of these Apple products is being able to touch them and this case allows you to do just that!

Sena store offers cases for all your favourite toys – laptops, phones, cameras, MP3 players and more. Check it out!

Available at: Sena Store
Price: $29.99


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I’m all about multi-functional these days. I mean, why invest in three things to perform three different tasks when you can rely on one thing to perform three tasks? Yes, I am of the BlackBerry generation – one device for phone, email, music, calendar … I’m hooked! So when I discovered Kodak’s ESP-5 all-in-one printer, I knew I’d love it. It’s sleek and sexy and so easy to use. So what does this wonder printer do? It prints (duh), copies and scans but what I love most is the three-inch LCD screen for viewing and editing. And, it features memory card and USB slots so that you can view, edit and print your materials, even if you don’t have a computer hooked up to it. When did something as practical as a printer get so exciting? It’s both Mac- and PC-compatible and has space for two cartridges; black and a five-colour cartridge. Perfect for your home office as long as you actually work and don’t spend your day playing with your new gadget!

Available at: Staples Business Depot and London Drugs or online at kodak.ca.
Price: $169.99

Psst! We’re going to be giving one of these fab printers away soon on styleathome.com so keep checking back for our contest!

If you really want to stay on top of cool new tech toys, you should definitely check out our Tech Style blog by Style at Home’s senior editor Corinna VanGerwen.

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Everything’s better in crystal, don’t you think? If you thought Swarovski was all about cute but utterly pointless crystal dust-collectors … I mean figurines, collectibles, whatever you want to call them … think again! The crystal retailer offers up a killer collection of all kinds of blinged-out treats, from jewelry and accessories to home decor goodies like picture frames and stemware. But my faves are these office accessories that are totally extravagant but so pretty to look at. Talk about taking something ordinary and making it special! The Amazone Headphones (pictured left) are made of polished stainless steel with fully faceted drop-cut crystals on the ear buds. The Lock Out USB Key (pictured right) is a memory stick, masquerading as a lock. This 1GB memory stick is also made with polished stainless steel and Silver Shade crystals. You’re going to want to take good care of these!

Amazone Headphones: $175
Lock Out USB Key: $210
Available at Swarovski stores across Canada; for more, visit swarovski.com

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I love it. I want it. It’s as simple as that. I can’t help it – I’m a gadget girl and this latest chef d’oeuvre from the masterminds at Apple really makes my heart race. The sleek and innovative design of the MacBook Air just reinforces why they say, “Once you go Mac, you never go back.” Who says? I don’t know. People say. I’ve heard them.

I mean, OK – do we really need our laptops to be so impossibly thin that we can interoffice them to colleagues in a manila envelope? Not so much. (Not to mention, if I had one, I wouldn’t let anyone else put their grubby hands on it, anyways!) But that’s the beauty of it. This isn’t about necessity. It’s about creativity. It’s about inspiration. It’s about creating something not because you have to but because you can.

I know, I know, it lacks features. It’s only got one USB port (gasp!), it lacks storage space (compared to its equally pretty but more powerful predecessors) and it carries a hefty price tag (considering the aforementioned). But I guess that’s what love is. Sometimes blind, often irrational, always from the heart, no matter how misguided. Look, I know I’ve been suckered …

This would look so good in my home office. Or in a manila envelope on my desk. Or in my pocket.

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