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I’m not a fan of the cooler temperatures that have been steadily creeping up on us (although it’s supposed to be unseasonably mild tomorrow where I live). But at the same time, the changing seasons are wonderful and if I have to bundle up to enjoy them … well, I’ve gotten used to it. But what I’ve come to appreciate more and more as time goes by is the beauty of our seasons; the pure, natural beauty that can be found in the changing hues of the leaves on the trees, the innumerable shades of blue, white, grey and silver that can be found in an autumn sky. It’s easy to grumble about threatening clouds and evenings that get darker earlier. But sometimes, it’s at just those moments that we can find unexpected colours surrounding us, colours that simply can’t be found anywhere else. I love this photo above. In it, I can pick out just the shade of green paint I used in my living room and the same grey that graces the walls of my foyer. Where do you find your colour inspiration? I’d love to know!

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