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When it comes to both fashion and decor, the fall and winter months are often a time for going dark. We tend to cast aside our bright, white, spring- and summer-coloured accessories and trade them in for warm, dark, cozy coloured ones. Light cottons make way for heavy wools and pastels step aside for charcoals and rusts. But when you think about it, what says winter more than white? These pure ceramic vases from West Elm are bright and inviting, and summon a feeling of crisp brisk winter days. There’s a real textural appeal to these and I love the contrast a cluster produces against a coloured wall.

Woodland whites set: $59; Honeycomb cylinder vase: $29 each; Honeycomb bud vase: $9 each; Wood-grain planter: $29 each

Available at: West Elm, visit westelm.com for more information


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They say a picture speaks a thousand words and this one says ‘cold nights and hot drinks’. Summer isn’t even over officially yet but I’m not fooled. Autumn is on its way with winter quick on its heels. I can see them both, just waiting around the corner, giggling and waiting to pounce the moment my back is turned, those sneaky little devils.

Get your home ready with beautiful fall and winter accessories like these gorgeous Lima Alapaca throws from Crate and Barrel. Handwoven in Peru, these beautiful blankets come in a variety of cozy colours like plum, chartreuse and charcoal.

Available at: Crate and Barrel
Price: $169

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So, imagine this: It’s a bitterly cold Saturday morning. You’re lying in bed, dreaming about a piping hot cup of coffee but the chill in the air makes it too difficult to leave your cozy cocoon. If it were a weekday, you’d stop off at Starbucks on your way into work but today, it’s just too darned cold to think of heading outside. The solution is simpler than you think. Read more …

And speaking of hot drinks, check out these gorgeous garnishes for your favourite winter beverages.

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